What Does It Take to Be a Good Barista?

If you’re looking for a new career, have you considered being a barista? The term comes from the Italian word meaning “bartender.” It technically refers to workers whose expertise is in making espressos in particular, although can also include preparers of other types of coffee. Here are some of the key features of a good barista:


#1 Never-ending training

Good baristas go beyond their initially job training. The task of making coffee/espressos for them isn’t just a job; it’s a career. They’re always eager to learn new info about coffee, coffee-making methods, etc. They’ll know how to tweak their coffee-making in order to meet the specific requirements of individual customers. And with a single taste test they’ll know what subtle adjustments have to be made. School never closes for quality baristas.


#2 Multi-Tasking

A good barista will also be an expert at multi-tasking. From taking orders to preparing espresso shots, to steaming milk, a skilled barista will be able to handle such tasks as effectively as possible—and more than one at a time. Bad baristas will easily get “in the weeds” because they complete one task at a time.


#3 Effective up-selling

Coffee lovers tend often have their favorite coffee/espresso, whether it’s a basic brewed coffee or a 100 shot, Caramel cappuccino with soy, vanilla syrup, and chips. When customers have their favorite coffee beverages, it can be tough to get them to move out of their comfort zone. But a good barista can do it. They’ll know their customers’ tastes, and which menu items would most probably be to their liking.


#4 Professional appearance

Since baristas are dealing with customers and beverages, good ones will maintain a professional appearance. This includes components such as a clean uniform, crisp apron, and good personal hygiene. This isn’t to say that “function” isn’t as important as “form.” But as the old saying goes, first impressions are indeed lasting impressions.


#5 Good memory

A good barista will have a good memory. OK, it’s not practical to require a barista to remember every repeat customer. But if someone makes a daily or weekly trip to the barista’s establishment, it helps if he or she can remember things such as the customer’s name, tastes, etc. A good barista is friendly, but not nosey. They can read their regular customers like a book.


#6 Customer-centered service

A good barista will always be put the customer first. The customer is always right (even when they’re wrong). In particular, a quality barista will be able to fix any customer-rated problems quickly and effectively. Today’s consumers are particularly concerned about customer service, and often rank it higher than goods and services themselves  


#7 Top-notch quality

A good quality barista will always put quality before sales. Sure, they’re working for a for-profit business. But they’ll be able to provide the best quality product every time. Cutting corners to save money is off the table. After all, if a customer wants a cheap cup of coffee they can get that just about anywhere else.

#8 A great machine to work with

It is hard to be a good barista without top of the lines equipment. Speaking about that, Saeco Espresso machines reviews featured on MyCoffeeMood are some of the best to use. Feel free to check them out!

The difference between a latte and a cappuccino

Hello, coffee lovers. Yeah, it’s morning and it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Get out of those sheets and have that cup of coffee to kick-start your day. For some, well for many, very many individuals, coffee is a very essential part of their everyday life. They are impaired to do anything and just can’t simply start their day without that sip of coffee, that’s metaphorically speaking of course. Whether it’s hot or cold, it’s your pick. So, with relation to that, we come to the question concerning two of the most famous drinks to ever grace coffee heaven–the cappuccino and latte.

Lately, these coffee drinks have successfully imprinted their names on people’s lives, pretty much how the pizzas and burgers have done the same for us. One thing’s for sure, no matter how different these two drinks are from each other, even hard-core coffee lovers can’t seem to differentiate these two famous coffee drinks apart. Both drinks are prepared with one very common ingredient, hot milk. For all intents and purposes, they are pretty much the same actually with both having the same amount of espresso. The only thing that sets them basically apart really is the amount of milk being put in the mix.  Here’s a more specific breakdown of their differences for you to actually know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino.

vapo-e-juice-10ml-vg-cappuccino caramelLatte, a nickname for caffelatte, is a type of milk coffee drink being enjoyed in Italy for so many years, which we obviously did not know. If we did, we would have consumed it before like those Italians, don’t you think? This drink consists of coffee and steamed hot milk. The coffee is the base, which you can by the way switch for another drink base of your choosing. The drink usually consists of a third of an espresso, a third of hot steamed milk, and, last but not the least, a coating of foam made up of milk as a topping. On the contrary, only they Americans use milk foams, Italians don’t.

A cappuccino, on the other hand, is another type of milk coffee which is at all times consisting of espresso, hot milk, and foam from steamed milk. Though you can have buff up this drink by putting various other additions any way you like it. An old-fashioned cappuccino commonly has a thicker layer of milk foam as a topping. Cappuccinos usually consist of steamed milk provided by the espresso-making machine. Also, if you prefer cold rather than hot, this can easily be served by putting cold frothed milk on top of your drink.

Cappuccino5__51299_zoomOaky, so there you have it. We hope this enlightens you a little bit about the difference between two the world-famous coffee drinks today, cappuccino and latte. So the next time you order your coffee, you won’t need to bother to wonder what’s the difference between the two and you can just sit there, relax, enjoy your sip, enjoy your cup, enjoy your mornings, enjoy your life. Coffee, anyone?

Nespresso Aeroccino – What I think about it

Coffee making really needs a lot of factor, the knowledge, skills and the right equipment. This thing is seriously serious that one mistake will put a cup of coffee disposed. With the technological innovations, things are now done instant in a lot easier way. Introducing in the world of coffee, the nespresso aeroccino, which coffee lovers found it so helpful and almost brilliant equipment to make frothing more simple. Users also found the product a user friendly equipment that will just require them easy steps on using it to make a perfect milk foam.

Using this nespresso aeroccino  will work in a very basic steps, first, you just have to plug in the equipment, remove the lid, have the milk poured into it and you must remember not to fill the milk all over it that will make it flow over. Pushing the button found in the side portion of the equipment that will turn on the light and will just automatically turn off when the thing is done. All you have to do now is scoop the foam and voila! You already have a perfect milk froth. As you see, these are so easy steps that making your favorite latte and coffee products possible even when you are just inside the comfort of your homes.

As you will also notice, the frothing process will produce no mess at all, this will also give you an easier clean up process that will take no time at all. You may also use the equipment in all types of coffee maker you have at home and café. Then this is just a quite small equipment that will consume just a little space on your kitchen and cafes. These are the positive reviews for the nespresso aeroccino frothing machine.


image-1542-3The fact that will also delight you and encourage you to have this equipment for an easy milk foaming process is you will no longer need to purchase a separate nespresso coffee maker just to use this aeroccino machine. This product is so useful for all coffee lovers out there because all kinds of coffee you love may be turned into a latte in just a blink of an eye. Of course, without a mess.

You may also keep the rest of the milk on the fridge if you want to, even the machine itself if you no longer want to remove the milk out of it for future use. Just remember the milk safety that once exposed is easily contaminated. So better remove the milk and store It separately. Using the homogenized milk will make a better frothing result in this kind of machine. This may also be able to war up the stored milk, a warming effect that is just sufficient enough and not to the extent that it might burn the milk. So, buy now and feel free to make your latte every day. Coffee making is never this fun with having the nespresso aeroccino for a perfect milk frothing ever in an instant.

Why a milk frother is necessary for a good latte – The Answer

Latte art is somewhat pretty interesting and presentable. Yet, this may also cost you so much having the right ingredients and equipment that you will need in order for you to have the exact look of it. One thing you might need is  an espresso machine, yet, there is a way for you to avoid the use of it and stick with a more practical step. One of the most effective tips will be the use of frothing process from a great quality milk. Choosing the quality of milk frother will be a great step for you to do in order to have the better result.

There may be some differences in every milk frother that you will purchase, the performance vary depending from the quality of frothers you use. Yet, there are still factors that will greatly affect your milk frothing to create the best latte art. One of which is the speed you have upon controlling the frother. With this, you most likely have a motor as speedy as it could, changing the batteries will also affect greater on its speed and performance. The, you must remember the thickness of the frother that will create a big impact to your rotation making it a lot stable.

diy-pslThen, checking tho position of the frother of how it sticks with the handle, this will also have impacts for the frothing result you are making for your latte.  Choose to have the frother wand that is built as a part of its handle, do not stick to the once that is removable for there will be a possibility to the frother to lose control over its handle and may affect the frothing process for your latte.The same thing goes with the frother head, always choose to have a frother head that is also attached with the stick. This will give you a consistent result of frothing rather than with the frother head that is removable that will give you possible problems during the frothing process. Tendency of which is for the milk to position itself in between the gap that connects the frother head from its stick.

The result if ever the milk come between the gap of connection from the frother head and its stick, the milk will hinder the rotation and worst, stop the head from rotating leaving the stick solely the one that is left moving. The frotheer’s weight and start button are also important in giving your latte a better milk frothing. The lighter the frother is, the easier you will be able to make things done. The start button will greatly affect on how your finger will control things in most comfortable way. This may have a contributing factor on y9our speed in producing products for your customers. These factors will help you great in giving your latte a good frothing  by using a good kind of frother without the use of an espresso machine.

What makes a good milk frother

Having a coffee business is a fun yet challenging one. You most likely to need both of the equipment and the skills in order for you to create a distinct and exact coffee presentation your customers are asking for. Coffee drinkers nowadays are more into the coffee presentation than the taste. They see it a lot competitive and well-made if the coffee looks so stylish. There are a lot of machine and manual tactics that you most likely to consider. These tactics will make your job easy and accurate.

nespresso-aeroccino-and-milk-frother2The most common way of presenting coffee is through frothing. Frothing is when you produce micro foams from a milk just like for example is steamed milk that is properly made. Most likely, this is made through a steaming wand or others may have it through the help of an espresso machine. Frothing are most found in the cappuccinos which coffee lovers find it fun having that soft and creamy bubbles that are topped on their aromatic cappuccino.

In order for you to make these tiny and soft bubbles from a milk, there are at least four tips you must consider. One, the positioning of the steaming wand makes a lot of difference. First thing you must do is for you to position the tip on almost the cup’s surface in order to create a bubbling noise, making it gradually deeper until you will hear that tearing and sucking noise, and the last one would be gong extra deeper when you will already notice the louder sound produced by swirling.

By distinguishing stages through the sounds you have created, now, focus to the second zone that gave you that silent sound of bubbling for the whole process. After which, you will be able now to create a micro foam occurrence from having an occasional positioning of the steaming wand making that sucking noise, just enough time not making the foam stiff at all. When done, simple heat the milk and have the tip in the bottom part hearing an occasional roar of the milk.

It is given from a good milk to have the frothing even when you are not doing anything with it. Yet, in order for you to maximize the frothing from it, use the tip that is having the multi- hole in order for you to have that whirlpool turbulence that will make the foam exist. Basically, when this process is done, the milk will have an increase in volume, this is mainly called the stretching. In order for you to have a longer and more foam, you must create a 50% portion of foam from a pitcher of milk and keep the tip stuck to its foaming point until you will have the whole portion of milk heated.

So, all you ever need is the exact control, supporting the jug of milk with both hands. Last thing you must remember is to turn off the steam right before the moment you take the jug away from the steam wand.


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